AI-Powered Video Cloud Storage

All your video at your fingertips.
Affordable compliance at petabyte scale meets forensic-grade AI video analysis.


Dragonfruit’s state-of-the-art system integrates cloud services and artificial intelligence to cut long-term video storage costs by 10x.


LiveArchive enables instant access to your entire video archive and instant search through AI-powered filters.


Built to FBI security policies, our platform implements end-to-end data encryption, access controls, audit logs and chain-of-custody.


Bandwidth-aware Uploader
Patent-pending tech seamlessly transports multiple video streams from your VMS, even over low bandwidth.
Cloud Storage Optimizer
Cloud based video surveillance storage with industrial-strength security and unlimited scalability at $15/TB/mo or less.
AI Video Browser & Analyzer
AI-content filters enable precise search through your entire archive, plus advanced pay-per-use video analysis.