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Convergint Technologies Partners with Dragonfruit AI

Partnership enables Convergint customers to leverage computer vision for business intelligence.

Dragonfruit Solution Suites

Digital Investigations

End-to-end solution for expediting forensic video investigations

  • Speed up video investigations by 10x
  • Source video from VMSes, cameras, or loose media at no extra cost
  • Search, summarize, and securely manage video evidence

Occupancy Management

AI-powered spatial analytics solution delivering business intelligence about a physical environment

  • Analyze occupancy and utilization centrally across all locations
  • Report on occupancy, dwell times, queue lengths, wait times, etc.
  • Visualize with charts, heatmaps and plots

Real-time Alerting

Centralized monitoring and alerting on your entire physical security infrastructure across Cameras, VMSes and locations

  • Real-Time Alerts and 2-min Daily Video Summaries across your critical infrastructure
  • Camera Health Monitoring with AI fault identification and on-demand Reports
  • Cost-effective cloud storage for backups and compliance with award-winning LiveArchive
Why Dragonfruit
Start small, expand over time​

Start with one use case, such as Occupancy Management, and layer additional functions such as Investigations when you need it

Pay only for what you use​

Consumption-based pricing means you only pay for what you use – with no large upfront fixed costs

Deploy as you like​

Fully cloud, Meta (with processing on-prem and only metadata sent to cloud), or fully AirGap – the choice is yours

Use existing infrastructure

We overlay on your existing camera infrastructure. No new hardware complexity also means reduced capex costs

Breakthrough user experience

For the first time: consumer-grade usability combined with enterprise-grade capability

Easy to try and deploy​

With the fastest POCs in the industry, you can try us out faster, decide quicker, and get installed with no delay

Customized App Platform

App Platform tailored to custom needs and easy integrations with enterprise partners

State-of-the art analytics​

Deep learning computer vision models, including the ability to add models custom-trained for your needs

Patent-pending Hybrid AI​

Split AI combines inference in the cloud and on-prem to automatically manage bandwidth and reduce costs to match every budget

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