À La Carte Modules

Dragonfruit offers a unique solution to fit your video storage and analytics needs

One central platform that serves as a base

Add modules when you need them

Tailor your Dragonfruit solution to your needs

Dragonfruit offers an easy-to-use centralized platform with a variety of à la carte modules that can be activated based on your business needs. Our mix-and-match modules work seamlessly together and are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis. Simply turn on the ones you need, and turn off the ones you don’t; you only pay for what you use. You’re in control of tailoring your Dragonfruit experience. Easy-to-develop bespoke modules allow you to further customize your Dragonfruit platform to your unique use cases. Our goal is to provide the most flexible and up-to-date technology to help you meet your evolving business requirements.

Store and upload petabytes of video data in cost-effective and flexible way

Condense hours of video into minutes to expedite video review

Using AI analytics, quickly search and locate specific people and/or vehicles based on various object filters

Get daily metrics on how many people and/or vehicles are going through your space

Detect and count mask usage during COVID-19

Track how people in your workplace are following social distancing policies

Manage the health of hundreds of cameras while keeping costs low

Understand customer movement patterns better with static and dynamic heat maps

Quickly read license plates of vehicles that come through a particular area

Make your forensic investigations more efficient with Dragonfruit’s management tools

Holistically view an incident from all selected cameras

Bespoke Modules

Quickly and easily add bespoke modules for your unique use cases

Prices listed are for month-to-month subscriptions and include chat support. Email us at [email protected] for enterprise pricing.