Meet Dragonfruit Ai

The only petabyte-scale integrated AI Video Analysis and Cloud Storage Solution


Enabling AI video analysis while cutting storage costs

Can compliance actually be affordable?

We think so. Dragonfruit AI is on a mission to help security integrators reduce costs by 10x.

To achieve this, we use artificial intelligence to optimize cloud storage and to power near real-time AI video analysis.

We work with every major VMS to provide high-throughput data transport to our managed cloud. Our patented Split AI machine learning models use state-of-the-art video compression to keep archiving costs up to 90% less than on-prem storage. The built-in Analytics Library lets customers deploy only the AI models needed for specific investigations, making Dragonfruit AI both powerful and cost-effective.

The first storage solution affordable even at petabyte scale

Video costs are spiking for physical security integrators. With increasingly massive amounts of data to store and sophisticated requirements to meet, integrators are blowing their security budgets just to maintain compliance—to say nothing of effectively using this data to provide value.

Off-the-shelf cloud storage is unaffordable at the scale most integrators need. Dragonfruit AI keeps costs low, even at the petabyte scale, through our Split AI capability. Split AI deploys AI on-prem and in the cloud, automatically sensing client configurations and managing video streams to fit the available bandwidth.

The first storage solution to integrate cloud services and video intelligence

Raw cloud storage is 10x to 100x cheaper than on-prem. But Once video is archived, it loses its value to the black box. There’s no way to find the data you need when you need it.

New machine learning models—such as facial recognition, object detection and ALPR—make deep forensic analysis a reality today. But these tools haven’t integrated with archives and have required expensive upfront hardware.

Storing in the cloud enables Dragonfruit AI to run AI analytics on all ingested video. Our machine learning models extract key objects and metadata, then make the archive searchable by those filters.

With pay-per-instance pricing and AI packages designed for specific use cases, readily performing advanced forensic analysis is not only possible—it’s finally affordable.


Executive Team

Amit Kumar

Founder & CEO
Amit Kumar is the Founder and CEO of Dragonfruit AI. He previously founded Trimian, a smart contacts app backed by Spark Capital and Greylock Partners and later acquired by NerdWallet. He also founded Lexity, an e-commerce app platform acquired by Yahoo!. Amit is an inventor with 19 patents.
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Padma Duvvuri

Co-Founder & VP Business Development
Padma Duvvuri is Dragonfruit’s Co-founder and VP of Business Development. She has 15+ years experience crafting GTM strategy, with particular expertise in the IoT arena. She served as the VP of Business Development at Electric Imp and the AVP and Head of Global IoT Practice at GlobalLogic. Padma is a passionate public speaker on humanitarian tech.
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Amol Kulkarni

Co-Founder, VP, India Country Head
Amol Kulkarni is co-founder, VP and India Country Head of Dragonfruit. Before founding Dragonfruit, he was Head of Engineering at the Blockchain Program Office at Intel India. Amol has 15 years experience in the security space including cryptography, hardware security and biometrics. He has multiple industry standards and patents to his credit.
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Guy Morgante

Managing Director, EMEA
Northland Controls