Cloud Storage for Cannabis Compliance


Long-term video storage mandates

Depending on your state and country, the cannabis industry has mandates to maintain video surveillance footage anywhere from 90 days up to 2 years, with requirements only increasing. On-prem storage can get costly and cumbersome to maintain.

Disparate VMS systems

Many cannabis businesses have both current and legacy VMS systems which must all work together. To review videos from each system it’s often necessary to login via a VPN into each.

Non-technical staff

Many employees working in the cannabis industry are not skilled IT staff, therefore monitoring and reviewing surveillance footage from multiple VMS locations and tracking across multiple cameras can be difficult.


  • Low-cost cloud storage
  • Centralized view from multiple VMS systems
  • Easy video retrieval and management

Dragonfruit offers the industry’s most competitive cloud pricing, allowing cannabis businesses to store petabytes of data in the cloud without the cost or hassle of maintaining and managing on-prem storage.

Dragonfruit’s Locations feature provides a consolidated view of your entire business, aggregating video feeds from all cameras, regardless of which VMS they’re connected to. Staff can easily view surveillance video from any location through the browser-based UI.

With Dragonfruit, all videos are instantly accessible and searchable for as long as required, with no management overhead.


Easy storage expandability

As storage requirements continue to change, expanding available storage is simple with Dragonfruit. No need to install new hardware — just increase your monthly cloud storage capacity online.

Simplified audits

Cannabis businesses can provide secure access to their cloud storage to compliance agencies, making auditing a breeze.

Accessibility by all staff

The simple UI and lifecycle management tools allow anyone with permissions to review and manage video footage, eliminating the need for skilled IT staff.

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