Forensic Investigations for Law Enforcement

Case Study

“In a recent armed robbery investigation, we utilized Dragonfruit video analytics to locate the suspect vehicle and determine the vehicle’s approach and direction of travel when fleeing the scene. Identification of this suspect vehicle led to the identification and capture of the suspects. Additionally, the same suspects were identified and will be charged in several other armed robberies in multiple jurisdictions. Use of the Dragonfruit application was an integral part of this investigation and helped solve a multi-state crime spree quickly and efficiently.”

Blaine Davison, Forensic Video Analyst, Norman PD


Large Amounts of Video Evidence

Almost 80% of law enforcement investigations involve video evidence. The sheer amount and size of the videos makes them difficult to manage (requiring USB keys, DVDs, etc.).

Disparate video sources

Because video data comes from various sources, it is often difficult to compile and gather specific clips. Additionally, videos must be reviewed and processed to count as evidence.

Time-consuming review

With all of this data, investigators must spend hours reviewing video clips in search of a single incident or activity. Therefore, a large portion of the investigation may be spent looking through video data, which is ultimately an inefficient use of detectives’ limited time.


  • Video Summaries
  • Investigations Management
  • Online Reports

Dragonfruit developed video summaries to cut down on time spent reviewing video evidence and help speed up investigations. Dragonfruit Summarization takes in hours of video and condenses it into minutes using AI fast-forward. Key objects from the video, such as people and vehicles, can be filtered and searched, allowing investigators to quickly identify critical elements. Investigators can then click on objects in the summary to see where they appear in the original video.

Investigators can easily create investigations to keep track of video data and evidence sets all in one place. Once an investigation is created, you can add specific ‘events’ to it as well as additional evidentiary data such as receipts and witness statements. To succinctly capture this data, Dragonfruit allows you to create an online report.

Dragonfruit generates reports to give you a concise overview of digital evidence sets and metrics you care about. Reports can be quickly published and shared via secure URL to interested parties and stakeholders, eliminating the need for sharing files through a USB drive or over email.


Faster investigations

With Video Summaries, police detectives and other critical staff can save time reviewing video evidence, thereby accelerating the pace of investigations.

Efficient coordination with prosecutors

Dragonfruit’s investigation tools provide a true end-to-end solution for searching and saving video evidence. Since we preserve the original video and maintain chain of custody, the video evidence can be legally presented in court.


Pay-as-you-go modules can be turned on and off so you only pay for the investigative tools you use.