Investigations for Premier Hotels


Numerous incidents

A premier hotel can experience a multitude of incidents daily – some of which are detected but many which may not be. People leaving items behind, entering zones they are not allowed to, valets causing damage to cars, etc., are just some of the events which can be captured on video.

High liability

While many incidents can be quickly and safely resolved, there are those that can be dangerous or life-threatening, causing huge liability concerns. Such events may have been captured on video surveillance systems but not reported to management because no one was looking for them and no damage or injuries occurred. Still, management would like to know how many of these ‘near misses’ happened on their properties.

Labor-intensive investigations

Searching through days and weeks of video or searching for an undefined incident or event to occur is extremely labor intensive and costly. Premier hospitality venues continue to employ these measures, however, as safety precautions against lawsuits and other adverse actions against them.


  • Video Search & Summaries
  • Investigations Reports
  • Easy Video Retrieval and Management

Dragonfruit’s video search and summaries allow hospitality professionals to quickly search for relevant objects to investigate and allow them to review hundreds of hours of video footage with sparse content more efficiently. By utilizing AI capabilities to review video, investigations are more accurate and speedy.

Dragonfruit’s investigation reports allow professionals to search for events, save them and annotate them as well as provide a narrative around any incident that might have occurred. Additional information such as documents and PDF’s can be attached, and all sent to the appropriate stakeholders via a secure URL.

With Dragonfruit, all videos are instantly accessible and searchable for as long as required, with no management overhead.


Lower cost

Using Dragonfruit’s modules for investigating known and undetected incidents costs less than employing staff to perform the same activities. Instead, more locations can be covered or additional features can be added with the cost savings.

Timely reports

Creating and sharing investigation reports can be done in a fraction of the time using Dragonfruit’s tools vs. traditional Word or PDF documents. The integrated workflow ensures no data is missed, while storing reports online allows for archiving and effective retrieval of past reports.

Reduced liability

By utilizing AI technology, hospitality venues can view more videos more effectively and flag potential hazards in advance, thereby allowing them to change policies or implement new procedures and thus reduce their exposure to liability.