Protection for Campus Environments


Searching large spaces

Across large campus spaces and densely populated areas — be it a university or health-care campus — it is often challenging to identify relevant parties or objects when incidents occur.

Big camera networks

With many cameras both inside and outside campus buildings, having a reliable camera network system to cover all parts of campus is essential for personal safety. Oftentimes, these big camera networks are costly and hard to manage.

Reduced time and staff for rapid search

When incidents occur on campus, finding persons of interest in a short amount of time is critical. However, for a small staff team to cover large areas of both open-space and buildings may present time-pressing challenges.


  • Video Summaries & Search
  • Investigations Management
  • Camera Monitoring

With Video Summaries, detectives and other critical campus staff can save time reviewing video evidence, thereby accelerating the pace of investigations. Summaries squeeze hours of video into minutes using AI fast forward. A multitude of filters AI filters narrow down the view to only people, vehicles, etc. By using Video Search, Investigators can also quickly search across all campus locations to find objects of interest.

Dragonfruit’s investigation workflow and online reports provide investigators an true end-to-end tool for searching and saving video evidence, correlating it with other evidentiary data, and securely sharing it with relevant stakeholders, all through an easy-to-use web-based interface.

With hundreds, or even thousands, of cameras to monitor, existing camera health monitoring solutions are often too pricey for a tight budget. Dragonfruit is a cost-efficient solution at only $2 per camera and provides an alerting mechanism for monitoring the health of IP video critical infrastructure, including cameras and NVRs. AI-aided fault identification, near-real-time alerting of detected issues, camera image snapshots, and on demand reports (per location, per device).


Securely shared investigations

Dragonfruit’s investigation workflow provides integrated end-to-end tools for searching video evidence, correlating it with other incident data, and securely sharing it with relevant stakeholders – all through an easy-to-use web-based interface.

High-volume management

Dragonfruit offers an all-inclusive solution that can monitor thousands of cameras across wide geographical areas and connected to disparate VMS systems.


Dragonfruit overlays on top of existing CCTV infrastructure, so there is no new hardware to buy or install. Also, the pay-as-you-go model can help transfer Capex to op-ex costs for easier budget approvals.