Safety & Security for Transportation


Security & theft

It is often challenging to determine what exactly happened when incidents are reported, especially when multiple parties are involved. When valuable objects are left behind or bags are innocently unattended, it’s important to quickly identify and trace those items.

Searching for persons of interest

When incidents occur, searching through big crowds of moving people for persons of interest can be difficult. Large spaces, indoor and outdoor facilities, and accessibility at all hours add to the difficulty.

Managing passenger movements

During COVID-19, it is increasingly important to protect passenger safety as they navigate tight spaces and crowded transportation hubs. Social distancing, mask-wearing, and other measures can help control the virus but only if they can be tracked and enforced.


  • Video Search & Summaries
  • Timelines View
  • Social Distancing & Face Mask Detection

Dragonfruit’s powerful video search capabilities can quickly find key objects based on a variety of filters such as object color and type. In addition, bespoke modules can be created to identify, count, and track unusual objects - such as airport carts, etc. Video summaries to cut down on time spent reviewing video evidence and help speed up investigations by squeezing long videos into summaries using AI fast-forward, thereby compressing hours of footage into minutes.

Dragonfruit Timelines allow an investigator to arrange multiple video clips in a time-synchronous manner and play them simultaneously. This makes it possible to view the same event from multiple cameras concurrently, helping build a more holistic picture of the incident and aiding in speedier, more efficient investigations. This is especially useful in large areas with multiple cameras to help narrow down the details of an incident.

Dragonfruit’s COVID-19 related modules help authorities determine compliance to social distancing and face mask detection policies. Counting the number of people adhering and violating policies provides valuable information to track compliance and implement better policies.


Speed up Investigations

With Video Search, Summaries, and Timelines, transportation personnel and other critical staff can save time reviewing video evidence and investigating incidents, thereby accelerating the pace at which cases get solved.

Securely Share Evidence

Dragonfruit’s investigation workflow and online reports provide investigators an true end-to-end tool for searching and saving video evidence, correlating it with other evidentiary data, and securely share it with relevant stakeholders, all through an easy-to-use, auditable web-based interface

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