Security and Safety for Places of Worship

BAPS Case Study

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Movement Tracking

While always important, keeping track of people’s movement during events such as services and conferences has become even more critical during COVID-19. Ensuring social distancing, enforcing perimeter rules, and detecting unauthorized personnel are key.

Utilizing video data

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are able to capture traffic flows, items left behind, perimeter security, and more. But without adequate analytics, the captured data cannot be used effectively.

Unaffordable analytics

Traditional analytics solutions require significant hardware investment or the need to upgrade existing systems.


  • Use Existing Infrastructure
  • Custom Search Filters
  • People Analytics

Dragonfruit technology allows for easy deployment and configuration. Our solution overlays onto existing physical security infrastructure to provide state-of-the-art AI capabilities without a forklift upgrade.

Dragonfruit’s architecture allows us to quickly and easily create bespoke models for detecting specific objects/garments, such as religious garb (robes), while also tracking and counting people wearing them.

Dragonfruit’s solution provides an affordable way to analyze data from various CCTV streams via the people counting / geofencing module, object detection module, and video search features. Clients are able to turn on the features they needed without having to install new, expensive hardware.


Better venue flow management

With Dragonfruit’s analytics, customers are able to more effectively manage people flow in their facilities.

Faster incident investigation

When incidents do occur, Dragonfruit’s tools help customers easily search for the event, open a formal investigation, and then track and conclude the investigation in a timely manner.

Overcomes budget constraints

Customers have often delayed implementing video analytics due to high upfront costs. With Dragonfruit, they’re able to deploy much-needed analytics while often still coming in under budget.